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    220ml x 4


    This is not iced coffee. This is Extreme Caffeine Coffee, brewed for 14 hours over cold spring water to produce an all- natural, deliciously electrifying, 210mg caffeine kick.

    Smooth yet strong tastes of caramel, nuts, and dark chocolate. All thanks to our carefully selected blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. And 100% dairy free.

    Choose Pure taste for a refreshing black coffee kick.

    Sweet, where we’ve added a little natural cane sugar.

    Almost 3x stronger than conventional energy drinks 210mg Caffeine / Can 250ml 100% natural coffee without additives Extracted in cold water for 14 hours No bitter substances Pure taste

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    816 g

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  • Brand:

    Black Insomnia Brand

  • Collection:

    The Black Insomnia Coffee Collection

The strongest coffee in the world has just hit NZ & AU, and it's actually a little scary

Black Insomnia is 4 x stronger than average coffee - so you can be more than average. Expertly crafted combination of strength and flavor to supercharge your morning coffee experience.