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Arguably The Worlds Strongest Coffee

Arguably The Worlds Strongest Coffee

Posted on June 02 2022, By: Jason J

Arguably The Worlds Strongest Coffee

Claiming to have gone to the ends of the earth in search of the worlds strongest coffee, industry legends Black Insomnia instead opted to brew their own. 

Prized for its intoxicating aroma and caffeine hit, coffee is one of the most popular booze free brews around the globe. Believed to have originated in Ethiopia, a local legend credits a farmer with the potential discovery of coffee. Observing how energetic his goats became after consuming the berries of the coffee plant, he sought to replicate the same effects for himself. 

As the phenomenon spread throughout the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, coffee cultivation kicked off in the 15th century. Today, it’s now the second most exported commodity in the world behind oil. While some consumers are more passionate than others, many have struggled to identify the worlds strongest coffee without much success - until now. 

Creating One Of The Worlds Strongest Coffees

With a company motto of “extreme caffeine to fuel your greatness”, it should come as no surprise that the Black Insomnia Coffee Company has risen to prominence by claiming to produce a product regarded as the worlds strongest coffee.

Make no mistake though, the statement is more than just a marketing pitch. As a self professed bunch of coffee nerds who came together to revolutionise the market, Black Insomnia boasts a mind-blowing 1105mg of caffeine per cup. 

Made from their proprietary blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, they’ve earned the title of producing one of the worlds strongest coffees, and have even been certified by independent labs accordingly - so how do they do it?

With four times more caffeine in the average cup of coffee, Black Insomnia sought to create a powerful blend that packed the punch of a Red Bull, without sacrificing on the taste we’ve all come to expect from our morning coffee. With the brew itself featuring caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas paired with a luxurious dark chocolate flavour, avoiding a bitter aftertaste was crucial. 

According to the team at Black Insomnia, the secret to unlocking the brew’s great taste and super high caffeine content is the simple combination of the company’s own beans, paired with the artisanal approach to roasting. 

How you grow your coffee is what puts the caffeine in the bean, but how you roast it is what makes it worth drinking. After many years of trial and error, the production team went back to the drawing board and got back to basics. Their first stop was to visit regions well known for producing high caffeine content coffee beans, and worked directly with the farmers to determine what the magic production formula was. 

The next mission was to perfect the roasting process. Barrel roasting coffee beans is a painstaking process, and means that Black Insomnia had to commit to roasting in smaller batches. Although linked to higher production costs, it’s a time-tested method that’s extremely precise, and allowed the team to maximise our results and squeeze that ridiculous 1105mg of caffeine into every cup. In fact, this year Black Insomnia HQ was relocated to Europe in order to be closer to the roasting operation.

Although this level of caffeine isn’t quite for everyone, Black Insomnia is taking off as the ultimate pre-workout for gym enthusiasts, as well as being a lifeline for sleep deprived mums and dads. As an alternative to energy pills and sugar filled drinks, the good news is that one of the top contenders for the worlds strongest coffee is about to hit Australian shores. 

How To Purchase Black Insomnia Coffee In Australia

Whether your jam is a long black or a flat white, coffee culture in Australia is one of the largest and most unique in the world. If the average Australian consumes fourteen cups of coffee every week, then it’s important to make them count. 

Coming in at almost three times stronger than Starbucks' dark roast and more than six times stronger than McDonald's coffee, for the first time Australian coffee lovers can now get their hands on Black Insomnia, regarded as one of the worlds strongest coffees. 

While Black Insomnia is an international company already booming in the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Germany, Canada and more, it’s also about to launch a new national base right here in Queensland. To receive  updates or purchase coffee beans to use at home, get in touch with us today.